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The Evolution & Revolution of Immersive Commerce

immersive commerce-iCommerce ebook

This iCommerce ebook is a business guide to the ever changing world of digital consumption and iCommerce (immersive commerce).

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Table of Content

iCommerce (immersive commerce) will be a part of the immersive web–a kind of commerce marked by more enriched, virtual experiences than clicking ‘Add to Basket’ on a 2D screen. Through explorable spaces and engaging activities, business can capture curiosity and attention for longer and in new ways than with traditional platforms. 

So as we transition from e-commerce to immersive commerce (iCommerce), we unlock a new era of opportunities for businesses to engage with customers in a new way, bringing a greater depth to our online interactions and bringing back the personal, human touch to digital interaction.

eCommerce’s Evolution & the New Internet

  • New generation, new internet - Analysis of internet behaviour
  • How immersive web makes money - Metaverse market trends
  • iCommerce use cases for each industry

New Digital Brand Strategy

  • Level up brand engagement with immersive experiences
  • How to implement it in your business - Possibility & requirements
  • Strategic placement - Brand owned or shared metaverse?

Immersive Platform & Technology

  • Hosting platform - JourneeX -
    World’s leading cross platform AI enabled immersive web solution
  • Emerging technology integrations - Key features to be future proof
  • CRM 3.0 - Analytics for new era

Getting started

  • 4 Steps to start creating your immersive web experience